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Pets and Things Professional Grooming of Wauconda, IL, is dedicated to giving superior quality care to your pet.

Lisa M - 4 Stars


Skilled groomers and a pleasant staff make me and my dog happy customers.


I've been going to Pets-N-Things for about 18 years. That says a lot about how highly I rate their business.


Steve M - 4 Stars 4/18/2014

What a concept, they take notes.....


We tried this place for the first time and couldn't be happier. I can't speak for the boys but I'm happy with the organization of them and the results of their grooming.


We heard about this place from someone in the neighborhood. They recently tried it out for their dog and were very happy. We made an appointment for Saturday on a Thursday and on Friday they called to let us know that someone had canceled and that they had an opening. Since we were off on Friday it worked out for us.


When we dropped the guys off she asked what type of cut we want. We explained all the different things that we wanted and here's the amazing part, she took notes. That's never happened before at other groomers which becomes frustrating because you have to go over everything every time.


After about 4 hours we received a call that the little guys were ready to be picked up. When we arrived I could see them anxiously waiting for us to come back and take them home. The groomer said they did well and that she has their notes for next time they come in.


It was $85 for both guys plus we a tip on top of that.


I think and hope that this is our official groomer for now on. They are close to home and it's less stress for the guys.



Luna M – 4 Stars

Anyone who is a pet owner knows that you want to find a qualified & suitable vet & groomer for your family pets.


We were taking our two dogs to PetCo for the past year or so. They seemed to do an OK job & they were reasonably priced. But I wanted the groomer to be closer to home.


We always passed by Pets & Things in downtown Wauconda but there were no Yelp reviews to determine their credibility. Then a neighbor of ours mentioned she took both of her poodles to Pets & Things for a grooming appointment and they did a great job. So my husband and I decided to try them out.


After making an appointment, we took our two dogs (who are such scardy cats) in for their Spa day. The owner asked us what we wanted in their haircuts. She explained that she takes notes so if there is anything we did not like, she would not repeat it the next grooming appointments. I appreciated that because sometimes the other groomers did not completely listen.


When we came back to pick them up, my dogs looked great (I'm trying to avoid using the adjective, adorable). They not only have a bandana around their neck but they leave with a "new hair cut" scent.  


I'm very happy with this groomer & their prices are very reasonable.

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