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Trust Us to Look After Your Dogs with Love and Affection

At Pets and Things Professional Grooming of Wauconda, IL, you can see our talented staff groom your dog properly. We have a walk up system into our tub, that’s so your dog or our employee’s don’t get hurt.

  • Professional shampoo

  • Custom styles

  • Grooming for all breeds

  • Conditioning treatments

Attentive dog grooming services

Count on us for complete dog grooming services. Keep your dog's nails clean and neat by getting them trimmed on a regular basis. We have been in business for over 30+ years and Pets and Things Professional Grooming is a family-owned and operated store. We provide:

Full service

Want to just stop by for a nail trim?

Call for our hours

30+ years of experience

Pick a custom style for your dog!

Grooming for most breeds

  • Blueberry facial

  • Cream rinse/remoisturizer  

         (as needed)

  • Anal glands expressed

         (upon request)

  • Showsheen coat polish

  • Haircut and fluff dry

  • Brushing or combing

  • Nail cutting/Nail Grinding

  • Ears cleaned or hair plucked

  • Teeth brushing (upon request,

        small extra charge)

  • Cologne

  • Flea bath (extra charge)

  • Skunk odor bath (extra charge)

  • Furminator® shampoo/conditioner/ de-shedding treatment available