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Custom Grooming and Styling for Your Cats

Want to pamper your cat with excellent full grooming services? Choose Pets and Things Professional Grooming for affectionate cat grooming services. Located in Wauconda, IL, we have been in the pet business for over 30+ years. Ask us about our referral program.

  • Custom styles

  • Haircut and fluff dry

  • Blueberry facial

Count on us to choose the right products for grooming your cat

We first choose the right shampoo from a wide range of high quality offering for extra conditioning, dry skin, allergies, itches, or foul smell. You may also ask us to express your pet's anal glands or cut your pet's nails. You won't have to worry about paying extra for these services.

Keep your cat allergen free

Want to get a professional shampoo treatment for your cat? Call us now:

Nails clipped

Avoid dry skin

Extra conditioning

  • Ears cleaned

  • Cologne

  • Flea bath

  • Skunk bath